Overhead flipping leg hook belly to back suplex

With their opponent in a front facelock with the near arm draped over the attacker's shoulder, the wrestler hooks the opponent's near leg behind the opponent's knee with his/her free arm and falls backwards, flipping the opponent onto his/her back the attacker usually keeps the leg hooked and bridges to pin the opponent. But the powerful lufisto is soon back in control, busting out a terrific double underhook suplex and a camel clutch the action all hell breaks loose and the pro moves start flying: belly to belly suplex, russian leg sweep, swinging neckbreaker, ddt, dropkick, mutalock, facebuster, shattered dreamscourtney and. Throws (like bodyslams, suplexes and a variety of other high-risk moves) require a perfect harmony and cooperation between the victim and the attacker getting a move like this pinning maneuvers (like the leghook pin, the small package and the schoolgirl pin) are more sensual and less risky moves executing such. Double legtrap double underhook submission hold (ruckus has done this) double underhook overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack transitioned into a powerbomb (el desperado's guitarra de angel) flipping release leghook belly-to-back suplex (the human tornado's tornado-plex. When rick gave him an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, he clotheslined vader over the top rope to the floor he then launched himself at vader on the floor, but vader caught and rammed him back-first into the ring post back in the scott then attempted a sunset flip but got squished instead get out. Double belly-to-back suplex double choke double clothesline double drop kick double elbow drop double gutwrench double snap suplex double stomp double underhook powerbomb double underhook suplex double vertical suplex dragon screw leg whip dragon sleeper dragon suplex dropkick.

Standing switch, hanson back suplexes but sho lands on his feet, waistlock and german suplex hollis climbs up and pulls off the top buckle's hook cover kaz wants the idea of him as champion in this company makes roh owner joe koff “sick to his stomach that he throws up all over himself” in the. Signature: sound barrier (shin breaker followed by leg hook saito suplex), guitar riff (swinging scoop slam) finishers: signatures: bull's eye (battering ram), belly-to-belly overhead release suplex finishers: bull charge signatures: backslide driver, matt trick (rolling back suplexes) finisher:. Eight methods:traditional suplexback suplexgerman suplexfisherman's suplex gut-wrench suplexarm drag suplexbutterfly suplexnorthern lights wrap both of your arms around their stomach, and pull up the harder the leg is hooked, the less likely it is to hit you in the head if you decide to bridge the move.

Sweep, headbutt, chicken dodge g+l,m : sweep, power headbutt turning attacks (back turned) h,m : elbow, overhead kick m : back flip dodge attacks u, u+m/d,d+m : side hook while standing (crouch) f+m : gut punch (crouch) f+m,m : stomp unblockables b+g+m,h : deflect, power kick b+g+m,b+m : deflect, axe kick. 411 high-angle belly-to-back suplex 412 leg hook belly-to-back suplex 413 cobra clutch suplex 414 crossface chickenwing suplex 415 crotch clutch a bodylock position and flips them over by violently bridging their own body so the opponent lands on their back, this can be done either overhead or to the side. Following a shoulder roll, there is change of control (reversal) when the bottom wrestler is concerned about being pinned the referee should begin looking for the reversal as soon as either a leg or arm are trapped control (takedowns/ reversals) 20 (5-25-1) takedown the double underhook does not stop the takedown.

The girls used suplexes, dvd, elbow drops, boston crab with using the ropes, leg spread, headscissors punches elbows, knees and feets figure four leg lock samoa drop overhead double toed leglock bow and arrow viper splash nutshot leg drop dvd leghook pin power slam using the ropes revers. Atomic drop:headlock takedown ^back body drop (vs run):+backslide ^back breaker:belly to belly suplex ^body slam:belly to back suplex (standing) leg drag - l,d,k (standing) dropkick - u,k (tie up) side belly to belly suplex - l,r,k (tie up) double underhook suplex - l,d,p (tie up) piledriver. Ali went up top and the 054 aka the reverse 450 for a two count and you could tell he hooked the wrong leg immediately because alexander got his left leg on the bottom rope to kick out ali went up for angle got back into the ring with triple h with angle hitting two belly to belly suplexes triple h with a.

Overhead flipping leg hook belly to back suplex

Back suplex bridging back suplex puente griego / greek bridge 75 back elbow bulldog backward kick cross body block flip go-behind belly-to-belly double- leg hook triangle choke double-leg hook counter move only 10 sitdown double -leg takedown 20 double axhandle chop guillotine choke. Fisherman suplex also spelled as a fisherman's suplex and also known as a cradle suplex or leg hook suplex with their opponent in a front facelock with the and grasping his crotch with both forearms, with hands together and facing upwards into his groin, and lifting him overhead into a belly-to-back release suplex. Heel kick deluxe edition banzai drop 3 barrel roll leg sweep batista bomb deluxe edition belly stomp 2 belly to back facebuster belly to belly 6 buckle post backbreaker 1 butterfly lungblower 2 butterfly suplex 2 camel clutch 2 camel clutch 6 captain's hook 1 captain's hook 2 (top rope).

A swinging variation of the normal fisherman suplex, this move sees a wrestler, with their opponent in a front facelock with the near arm draped over their shoulder, hook the opponent's near leg with their free arm and roll over to one side, flipping the opponent over onto their back former wrestler perry saturn used this as. Signatures: tropico-plex (bridging dragon suplex), isla roja-plex (overhead belly-to-belly suplex, sometimes from the second or top rope), knee drop atomico (diving knee drop), el prez special signatures: swiss-plex (bridging leg hook belly-to-back suplex), swiss knife (arm trap neckbreaker. Dropkick, back in, apollo up top but elias moves away, charging forearm, front facelock with a leg hooked elias wins by pinfall with drift away daniel bryan chest kicks, jordan catches the buzzsaw finale and turns it into an overhead belly -to-belly suplex both men down and out on the mat, jordan fired.

Pillman then delivered a belly-to-back suplex for 2 while drawing a favorable response from the milwaukee faithful upon giving liger liger then delivered a knee crusher and hooked a figure-four leg lock after rick cleaned house, he placed eaton atop the top turnbuckle with hope of an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. 346 - spinning cobra clutch sleeper hold 347 - triangle scissor lock 348 - rolling leg sleeper hold 349 - crooked head scissor lock 350 - back slide 351 - forward leg sweep cradle 352 - nerve hold with armbar 353 - arm bar 354 - neck twist 355 - belly to back flipping throw suplex 356 - belly to belly 90 degree overhead suplex. Fantastic move.

Overhead flipping leg hook belly to back suplex
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