World of tanks kv 1s matchmaking

Kv-1s matchmaking: kill me now pls - posted in general discussion: just got the kv-1s yesterday, and at first i thought it was the crappiest tank ever meh armor, meh speed, pathetic gun im now on the second upgrade, and i still think its the crappiest tank ever it isnt the tanks fault its good enough for tier. A32 has a lower pen than the vakentine and i played both, why u made a great matchmaking for valentine but not for the a32 im using the 5% pen boost but still its lower than valentines it needs to be top tier in iv and never against tier vs u can pen stug bdr g1 or t1s rear armour but first stug and bdr with.

For world of tanks on the pc, a reader review titled do not play this game matchmaking (1/10): the matchmaking in this game is the worst in any game i've ever played you see, tanks are ranked in tier i - x enemy team has 3 kv-1s ( russian heavy tanks) and we have 2 kv-1s entire team goes.

When in a hetzer, i have no option but to run away anytime there is a kv-1s around because i can shoot my entire magazine at it and it does nothing now in the 93 release in 2014 the tank was moved from tier 6 to tier 5--ludicrous it means lower tiers now have to see this invincible kv-1s more than before and the tier.

918: new matchmaking chart no tier 3 tank should see kv-1's that can't be penned, the flexible derp of the m4, or the 2300 dpm of the t-34 i'm reminded of my early wot days back when i had yet to burn money for serb's lunar base, first games in tier 3 were traumatic and kv-1 was a horror on. A further modification of the kv-1 heavy tank series developed in the summer of 1942 it passed into red army service on august 20, 1942 compared to its predecessors, kv-1s had several design features which allowed for the tank's weight to be reduced to 423 tons also, the kv-1s had increased top.

World of tanks kv 1s matchmaking

Older wot versions archive - matchmaking chart, links, torrents & release log. Compared to its predecessors, the kv-1 zis-5 serves as a continuation rather than a big improvement, with the zis-5 gun the kv-1s had while sacrificing mobility many variants of the kv tank would be produced in the span of world war ii as the soviet try to keep it in production as long as possible, the initial version was.

  • Horrible matchmaking or just me - posted in release feedback (160): i feel like the matchmaker is horrible or am i on a [edited]list or am rated as god or something bc it seems like t the way wot do mm i'm in the kv-1s, have played about 12 matches and all but one involved 4-5 tier viii's and vii's.

World of tanks kv 1s matchmaking
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